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PETROLEUM INDUSTRY REVIEW is an independent media project from INDUSTRY MEDIA VECTOR. The magazine is addressed first of all to those directly involved in the oil and gas industry, whether they work in E&P, downstream, transport, or in services. It is targeting the executives, engineers, consultants, judicial experts and academicians as well.

PETROLEUM INDUSTRY REVIEW understands that strategic customer engagement is the foundation for any profitable marketing plan. In an effort to help marketers develop and maintain a cornerstone in the oil and gas industry, PETROLEUM INDUSTRY REVIEW offers a diverse portfolio of media solutions to meet any integrated marketing objectives and to help you leave a lasting impression. Extend your reach with strategic and tactical marketing tools offered by PETROLEUM INDUSTRY REVIEW, designed specifically to meet market and brand objectives.

By including interviews, analyses, editorials, news, various points of views, technical and innovative solutions and oil & gas professionals’ articles, the PETROLEUM INDUSTRY REVIEW is an important disseminating vector for the oil & gas industry in the region and also one of the most respected platforms of the petroleum sector in Romania and Europe.

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