• European Gas Conference

    The European Gas Conference is the annual meeting place for the EU gas industry at the heart of Europe. It is an unparalleled event which highlights current opportunities and challenges within the gas market.

    Against a background of volatile and low oil and gas prices and geopolitical unrest, the debate around the role of gas in the energy mix and the relationship between Europe and its major suppliers continues.

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  • AAPG European Regional Conference and Exhibition

    AAPG Europe is proud to announce the annual European Region Conference & Exhibition scheduled to take place on 19th - 20th May 2016 in Bucharest.

    This conference, titled Petroleum Systems of the Alpine-Mediterranean Fold Belts and Basins will concentrate on the petroleum systems of European basins and fold belts not only from a hydrocarbon exploration, but also from a geoscience perspective. The main geographic focus will be on the Alpine fold belts of Central and Eastern Europe with the associated foredeep/foreland basins and also the large back-arc basins as well. Special focus will be placed on the Black Sea given the fact that the Romanian offshore is still the only significant oil producer in the basin to date and it also saw the significant play opener of biogenic gas discoveries in the deepwater during the last few years.

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  • Oil Terminal Management

    Professional experience exchange and training course, on site visits to terminals in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

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    The event is organized by the WEC Romanian National Committee, under the auspices of the Government of Romania, under the leadership of the World Energy Council (WEC) and with the support of WEC Member Committees in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Organized every two years, FOREN is already being recognized as the most important multi-energy event in Central and Eastern Europe, gathering more than 1000 participants. Besides WEC/ RNC members, the Forum attracts top officials from ministers, governments, academia, energy leaders from European international companies, experts in energy and environment issues, representatives of mass-media.

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  • Black Sea Oil and Gas 4th Annual Conference

    Black Sea Oil and Gas is an unparalleled top-level forum of all stakeholders who are actively working in the Black Sea region or are  interested to get involved in new projects including offshore opportunities and development of gas transportation infrastructure in the region.

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    Camera de Comerţ şi Industrie a Municipiului Bucureşti (CCIB) organizează anul acesta ediţia a XXIII-a a Topului Firmelor din Municipiul Bucureşti, eveniment de referinţă pentru viaţa economică a Capitalei.

    De-a lungul anilor am pus acest eveniment sub semnul recunoaşterii şi promovării performanţei adevărate şi oneste, al competiţiei ce respectă regulile jocului, al competitivităţii generate de un management performant, dublat de o cultură organizaţională solidă.

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  • International Gas Summit

    The International Gas Summit is a platform for Gas professionals from all over the world to gather in one place, and to discuss new projects, the latest industry trends and innovations, as well as to share their experiences and to network. Taking place in Nice, a luxurious city on the south east coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea, the summit is an opportunity for industrial companies, EPC contractors, equipment manufacturers and service providers to explore new endeavors together, in terms of natural gas applications.

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