About us

About us


PETROLEUM INDUSTRY REVIEW is a media project from Industry Media Vector with the support of the Petroleum Club of Romania. This magazine is the result of a productive cooperation based on sharing the same principles and ideals. It is the seed which grows from the drop of oil.

Although it is a brand new oil & gas project, PETROLEUM INDUSTRY REVIEW is produced by a team of professionals with vast experience in the oil & gas industry (the Jurnalul de petrol de gaze team) that are actively assisted by respected personalities of this sector.

PETROLEUM INDUSTRY REVIEW speaks to those directly involved in the oil and gas sector, whether they work in E&P, downstream, transport, or in services. It is dedicated to executives, engineers, consultants, professors and students alike. Given the actual shortage of skilled personnel we feel our magazine must assist and support young professionals in their pursuit of performance in the field. The ever-increasing energy demand worldwide and the new environmental standards affecting the industry represent new challenges for this new generation of oilmen. It is not by chance that the 19th World Petroleum Congress, whose main theme was Delivering energy for sustainable growth, witnessed the largest participation in history by a younger generation.

By including interviews, analyses, editorials, technical and young expert articles, news and various points of view, the PETROLEUM INDUSTRY REVIEW is the herald of the oil & gas industry in Romania and one of the most respected platforms of the petroleum sector in the country.

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